Get paid seamlessly with QuickBooks payments.

QuickBooks simplifies all aspects of getting paid so you can focus on your business.

Make life easier using our payment solutions.

Automated Bookkeeping

QuickBooks automatically match payments for you, however customers choose to pay.

Pay-enabled Invoices

Accept credit card payments and debit cards online without any hassle or inconvenience.

Schedule in Advance

Automate recurring invoices to be sent and paid automatically on any given date.

Get paid on the go

Take contactless, paperless payments in-person whenever and wherever you are.

ACH and eChecks

Allow clients to pay online rather than using traditional ways such as mailing.

Quick Deposits

Keep your cash flow smooth with fast deposits. Never lose track of your invoices.

By streamlining the process of getting paid, you will be able to concentrate on what counts.

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Keep your books effortlessly arranged throughout the year. We'll record every single transaction, whether they pay online or in-person, using a credit card or an eCheck. 

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Discover deeper insights

Transfer funds to your bank instantly, whether it's night time, on the weekend, or even on a holiday. Deposit manually or set up automated recurring payments.

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Always have just the way to let customers pay, no matter how or where you work. Add a button to your invoices to let customers pay online and get paid 2x faster.

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QB Checking

  • Complete freedom to access budgets: Spend, stash, and grow your money all in one place. Combine Payments with a QuickBooks Checking account for free instant deposit. Call us to activate your free Checking account.
  • Payment Convenience: Receiving payments shouldn't be a bother. Let our expert bookkeepers help you get started. Connect with our dedicated experts and claim your free consultation.

Frequently Asks Questions

No. You can cancel at any time without incurring a fee.

The rate given is the actual cost you will pay for credit card transactions, whether they are Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express, and whether your client is using a corporate card.

If you used your QuickBooks Payments account with QuickBooks Desktop or GoPayment, you can link it to your QuickBooks Online account by following these steps.
  1. Under Company Settings, select Payments. 
2. Select Connect. 
3. Follow the instructions to connect your existing account. 

Yes. QuickBooks Payments allows you to set up recurring payments for your recurring customers.

There are many ways to take payment with your QuickBooks Payments account:
1. Send a pay-enabled invoice, which your customers can pay online through a Pay Now button using a credit card, debit card, ACH bank transfer, or Apple Pay. 
2. Use our mobile app and card reader to accept credit card payments, debit card, and Apple Pay. 3. Take ACH and eChecks. 
4. Key in customer credit or debit card numbers over the phone. 


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